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Pen Fidget is not just a pen, it is also a Finger Fidget Toy. It can be rotated and transformed into a variety of creative, free combination, multiple and diverse plays. If you are stressed at work or bored at school, the Pen Fidget allows you to channel your focus and stay on task. It will relieve that stress from work and help you make it through class. Meanwhile, no one around you will even know you are fidgeting.

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Magnetic Pen Fidget

Magnetic Pen Fidget - Pen Fidget
  • Magnetic Pen Fidget can rotated and transformed into a variety of creative, free combination, multiple and diverse play
  • You can make awesome things with the magnets.These magnetic beads are not used by the pen itself, but can be used with the other magnetic pieces to make mini pieces of art
  • Whilst this may be less practical as a pen, it has more entertainment value. the magnets are very strong, and you found tugging apart the small pieces difficult at times. There is something truly fascinating about magnets and those supplied here, are first class
  • This creative magnetic metal fidget pen, not only can be used to write, but also can be used to touch, the best gift for friends, kids, children and lovers. A novelty pen & toy, he/she definitely loves it

Pen Fidget Spinner

  • Lightening Function: Pen Fidget Spinner with built-in LED light, looks so cool when spinning. We suggest you to play it at night, then turn on the switch, then it will be very cool and fashionable.
  • Portable and Light: Mini size and cute, you can carry it out in your pocket, bag and any small container to anywhere you want to go, coffee shop, school, church, restaurant.
  • Suitable for All Ages: Perfect ballpoint pens for all brain-workers, such as teacher, designer, student, clerk, engineer, worker, etc. Anyone could use this premium pen not only for regular writing.Kids can play the spinning pen with friends, promoting their relationship

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