Invisible Ink Pen: New Type of Fidget Pen That You Should Try

You must be familiar with Magnetic Pen Fidget which helps you relax when you rotate and transform into a variety of creative, free combination, multiple and diverse play. Today, we’d like to introduce a new way of entertainment by pretending as an agent (like in the spy movie). It is the invisible ink pen.

Invisible ink pen is made of a special type of ink. Once drawn, invisible ink will activate when a UV light shines on them. Once the electrons in the ink’s fluorescent molecules are excited by UV light and shift to a higher energy orbit, visible light is released.

Invisible ink pen

Your challenge is to leave a written message on a piece of paper without being seen. For today’s Wonder, we present one of great mystery… and science. Do you think it’s possible to use invisible ink to create and send messages. One way to do this is with hidden writing that can be revealed later.

Invisible inks can be made from various organic liquids and require a heat source to activate. The message appears once the ink dries on the paper and it becomes invisible when the heat is removed.

Invisible ink made of acid is revealed when it comes into contact with heat. You can find various sources of these inks right at home, such as in lemon juice, apple juice, onion juice, milk, soapy water and sugar water.

In another type of invisible ink, the chemical reaction may not produce the message, but changes its color. When mixed with a certain substance, the ink is activated and allows the message to show. Vinegar and red cabbage are two ingredients that can be mixed together to create this particular type of invisible ink, which is chemically-activated.

One more type of invisible ink that is becoming popular with amusement parks is a stamp on your hand. They would put it on your hand when you left the park, and then when you went back to the gate and had it, you only had to pay for a ticket that day. This type of ink was easy to copy and allowed people to sneak in without ever paying for a ticket.

Today, Amusement parks have begun to use invisible ink, activated by light. The light-activated ink becomes visible when exposed to a certain kind of light. These stamps are popular because if you leave the park with the invisible stamp on your hand, then you can’t go back in again. When you go back in, they will remove the stamp for free with a special light that shows your stamp as if it is still on there.

Light-activated inks can be seen under various types of light, but not in natural light. This is important because any marks left on your skin will be invisible to the human eye, while ‘free admittance’ can be discouraged by using this technique in security checkpoints. Light-activated inks are found in laundry detergents, soaps, and human saliva.

Invisible ink may not be noticeable, but it’s possible to see pen scratches and other abnormalities on the paper. This means that anyone with knowledge of how to decode invisible ink could decode your messages.

Take for example, if you use soapy water to write your message and someone found it, then they might use heat, chemicals and ultraviolet light to find out what the text is. Since soapy water is reactive to each of these three things, someone can find out what you wrote in a short time.